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See also: Japanese websites about cannabis
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See also: International government publications about cannabis
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Japanese hemp websites: in Japanese

International websites on cannabis / hemp / marijuana:
The Drug Reform Coordination Network

  • DRCNet Online Drug Policy Library is a great source of information on drug policy. Its DRCNet mailing list currently has over 10000 subscribers and provides one or two drug policy updates per week.
  • Carl E. Olsen’s Marijuana Archive is one of the best sites on the internet for information about marijuana. Carl E. Olsen of the Iowa Libertarian Party is a grassroots activist who has accumulated a treasure trove of documents on marijuana prohibition. Register NORML’s weekly media releases with NetMind URL-Minder to be notified of new press releases.
  • N.O.R.M.L. is the longest established marijuana reform organization in the U.S. Their web site contains information on federal and state marijuana laws. One of its most active branches in Cyberspace is Portland NORML, featuring articles on marijuana and drugs policy.
  • Marijuana Policy Project is an organization lobbying in Washington D.C. towards a harm-reduction oriented marijuana policy.
  • The Lindesmith Center is a Manhattan-based drug policy research institute supported by financier George Soros. Their site features full-text articles from the academic & popular press focusing on drug policy from economic, criminal justice, and public health perspectives. The Center also hosts an ongoing seminar series and sends out mailings regarding media events and new articles via both email and smail.. The center also has a mailing list of upcoming events.
  • DrugSense

  • DrugSense works to ensure more balanced and accurate media coverage of drug policy issues and maintains a comprehensive archive of drug policy news. Free e-mail subscription services include: The Drugnews-Digest, a regular compilation of news excerpts; DrugSense Weekly, a newsletter which encapsulates and reviews the week’s most significant news; Focus Alerts, bulletins on important news articles to facilitate a concerted response in the form of letters to the editor; and the Media Awareness Project, which provides the E-mail discussion list MAPTalk.

    Media Awareness Project

  • Campaign for the Restoration and Regulation of Hemp in Portland, Oregon (USA) is working to tax and regulate sales of cannabis to adults in state-run liquor stores through the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act.
  • Cannabis Culture is an excellent Canadian magazine published in Vancouver covering cannabis worldwide. CC #13 (July/August 1998) featured a special report on cannabis culture in Japan. While issue 13 is not available on-line yet you can read a version of the main article of that issue here.
  • High Times, founded 25 years ago, is a magazine dedicated to marijuana culture, cultivation, drug policy, etc. It has seen better days but is still a source of some good information.
    Age 21 and above only.
  • Hemp-CyberFarm is an internet resource for everything about industrial hemp.
  • The UK Cannabis Information is the best site in the UK for information on cannabis and cannabis policy.
  • NORML New Zealand – lots of information about cannabis, its prohibition, and how YOU can help bring about drug law reform and the legalisation of cannabis.
  • The New Zealand Drug Foundation, a distinguished group of academicians and clinicians, released a discussion paper concerning the cannabis (marijuana) policy of the island nation. The paper recommended several alternatives to prohibition, ranging from civil fines in place of criminal sanction, to a system of regulation, under which adults could buy cannabis legally from licensed vendors.
  • Cannabis Directories:

The guide to marijuana on the Internet

  • is an interesting new directory of marijuana on the Internet.
  • German Hanf-Index

  • Hanfwelt is an index of German cannabis sites.

International Government Publications

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) report (USA, 1999)
  • The report “Marijuana and Medicine” the US “Drug Czar” wishes he never asked for: Marijuana is medicine!
  • The World Health Organization (WHO)

  • The WHO-report on Cannabis (the first in 15 years) that the World Health Organization doesn’t want you to read. This study was peer-reviewed for two years but ultimately censored since it concluded that alcohol and tobacco were more harmful than cannabis.
  • Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport

  • Drugs Policy in the Netherlands (Adobe PDF)
  • Drugs Policy in the Netherlands (local HTML version)
  • Trimbos-instituut (Netherlands Institute of Mental Health and Addiction)
  • National Drug Strategy papers on cannabis (Australia 1994):

  • The health and psychological consequences of cannabis use
    See here for a local copy
  • Legislative options for cannabis use in Australia
    See here for a local copy
  • Interesting websites by private individuals:

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